So it was for David Prawel, a professor on the mechanical engineering research faculty at Colorado State University, who sought the city of Fort Collins’ support in establishing a community center for 3D printing and scanning. The center was to be a place for innovation, with businesses developing prototypes for new products and students and residents learning about 3D printing and its near-endless possibilities. The funding was contingent on Prawel raising $3 million to get the center started. The setback did not end Prawel’s dream for a 3D printing center. Potential partners include CSU.Plans are coming together for a building to house the center on private property adjacent to the Northern Colorado Regional Airport. The area around the airport has the potential for becoming a centralized location of high-tech companies similar the Denver Tech Center, Prawel said. There will be fewer strings attached to funding, and the center will still follow its goal of being an educational and community asset.

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