The new metal 3D printing technology improves safety and reduces costs. 3D metal printing is still one of the driving forces in 3D printing in 2018. ZYYX 3D Printer, the Swedish3D industrial printing company owned by Magicfirm Europe AB, has just unveiled a new metal 3D printing technology that concentrates on cutting costs. “We have been developing our metal 3d printing technology for some time and we are now ready to show an early stage proof of concept,” explained Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe AB and creator of ZYYX 3D Printer. Here’s how ZYYX 3D Printer metal printing works. Moosberg adds:”We see a great opportunity to build upon our ZYYX pro 3D printer for engineering materials and give our customers access to another ZYYX tool for doing real prototyping and one-off production in metal – in a safe way regardless of facilities. We have also started talking to different parties for funding the continued development and commercialization of the product and to show real prints is a good way to get the word out there.” The ZYYX pro printer is an industrial grade 3D printer specifically created for engineering materials.

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