Indiana’s Thermwood Corporation, the developer and provider of Large Scale Additive Manufacturing technology, has conducted a joint demonstration program with global aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Completed in August 2018, the project culminated in Boeing’s purchase of an LSAM system and Thermwood’s delivery of a 12 foot long, 3D printed aircraft trim tool for development on the Boeing 777X plane series. In a project with chemical producer Techmer PM and Purdue University, Thermwood previously used an LSAM machine to produce a single-piece drip pan mold for a Boeing Chinook helicopter. The Boeing 777X trim tool delivered by Thermwood this year was 3D printed using the company’s upgraded toolhead, which allows the deposition fiber reinforced composites. In total, the tool took 43 hours 20 minutes to print, also served as a demonstration of Thermwood’s latest LSAM upgrade: Vertical Layer Print. In addition to the 12 foot long trim tool made using LSAM technology, the 777X series also sees the introduction of Boeing’s record breaking assembly tool 3D printed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Featured image shows LSAM VLP of the Boeing 777X trim tool.

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