A foot for puppy, a self-driving car, and parts for spaceships: You won’t believe all the things people are making with 3D printers. Here’s another self-driving vehicle that uses 3D printing: Optimus Ride partners with the 3D-software company Autodesk to quickly print various elements of their self-driving smart shuttles. Courtesy Performance 3-d. Company P3-D prints a lot of useful things, but none so useful as their 3D-printed phone case: “Its unique design made it a tough print,” the company tells Reader’s Digest. Courtesy BigRep. BigRep made the world’s first full-size bicycle frame, produced in a single 3D print, as well as the first airless bike tire, also printed as a single 3D piece. Courtesy BIOLIFE4D. The emerging tech company, BIOLIFE4D recently announced it has successfully 3D printed human cardiac tissue. She is on a mission to retrain blue-collar workers in 3D printing technology so that they can take advantage of new manufacturing job opportunities in automation, robotics, CAD and generative design, 3D Printing, Big Data and more. Yes, you can make food with a 3D printer: To create these tofu noodles, students in Amit Zoran’s Design Hybrids Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, filled a 3D printer extruder with tofu instant noodle paste.

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