The 3D printing industry has grown tremendously over the past years. You and your friends may have even bought into the 3D printer hype; a desktop 3D printer to complete passion projects, create art, print tools for around the house or even for professional work. Though 3D printing has a lot of practical and commercial applications, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the potentially toxic aerosols that come from the 3D printing itself. 3D Printing Safety In a newly published two year investigation, scientists have discovered that 3D printers are dispersing hundreds of different compound into the “Printing room”. The study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the UL Chemical Safety was one of the first controlled studies on 3D printers. Researchers pushed vehemently to complete this study due to the previous indications of the potential health hazards associated with printing. According to the study ultrafine particles or UFPs, are produced on standard desktop printers.

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