While 3D printed accessories for your phone or tablet are nothing new this project that replicates the classic Etch A Sketch toy is in a different league. Ali Aslam – the man behind Potent Printables – is to thank for this, having turned it from a clever idea into a finished print. To replicate the toy a phone sits on a bed that is then moved horizontally by a rack and pinion. Printing in the classic red filament with white for the dials took 16 hours to make a print that measures in at 136 x 178 x 51 millimetres. After removing the supports and some sanding to smooth things down the print should be ready to go, but some may want to do some extra finishing work to ensure that the gears are as accurate as possible, or to ease any worries about scratching the device. You can see a short demo of the print embedded below, and a longer video is available on YouTube. This is far from the first time we’ve featured a 3D print made to attach to your phone.

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