Fans of the Poké Ball Plus can now change up the look of the controller while offering it extra protection against wear together while also increasing its diminutive size thanks to this 3D printed case. Maker James Chen is to thank for this clever creation which can take the form of the classic red and white Poké Ball, or the blue styling of a Great Ball. Printing of the five unique pieces took up another four hours. An optional nub is also included which can be placed on top of the joystick, should the print get in the way of its movements. If you’d like to make your own version of this project the files for both the Poké Ball and Great Ball versions are available on Thingiverse. Chen has also designed and printed an entire collection of different Poké Balls which can have their tops and bottoms rearranged with magnets. Hopefully he’ll bring these designs to the Poké Ball Plus in the future.

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