SEE ALSO: BLUE ORIGIN LAUNCHES ITS FIRST REUSABLE SPACE TOURISM ROCKET. Just this week, a United Kingdom private space company revealed the world’s first 3D printed rocket engine; a feat that is sure to send shock waves across the space community, and that is sure to spark a lot of attention from other companies in the space race. Dubbed the Orbex Prime, the two-stage rocket made its debut at the opening of its new headquarters at the company’s new facility in the Scottish Highlands; with thought leaders and local VIPs in full attendance. At their new 2,000 square meter facility, the Orbex team presented the newly completed engineering prototype of the Stage 2 rocket, while the Stage 1 aspects of the rocket is still very much a secret; although Orbex does indicate that this part of the rocket is expected to be a reusable vehicle. The Stage 2 rocket presented is made from a specifically formulated lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum composite, the comfortably hosts a light and fuel efficient 3-D printed rocket engine. The rocket was printed in one piece, meaning the rocket itself does not have any joints or welding that could weaken the rocket during launch when the vehicle is exposed to extreme temperatures and fluctuations. The Stage 2 rocket will be responsible for pushing a rocket into orbital flight during launch. Aside from the impressive 3D printed body of the rocket, the Orbex Prime is one of the first commercial rocket engines designed to work with bio-propane.

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