With the advent of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, already used in the aviation industry, what about 3D printing motorcycles riding on airless tires? It finally added a proper 3D printed electric motorcycle on top of them. The consulting group claims its NERA E-Motorcycle is the world’s first fully 3D printed e-motorcycle that rides on airless tires. According to NewAtlas, the NERA E-Bike was designed by Marco Mattia Cristofori with Maximilian Sedlak from the company’s Nowlab innovation consultancy and printed on BigRep’s own large-scale 3D printers using ProHT, ProFLEX, PETH, and PLA filaments. The group also has a few more proofs of concept, such as the Omni Platform, a 3D printed platform that rests on its Omni wheels that can move in any direction without turning. They embedded it with sensors and removable 3D printed lights. It’s a wonder traditional mobility makers haven’t invested more into 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

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