Xerox enters metal 3D printing with acquisition of Vader Systems. Iconic printer and photocopier manufacturer Xerox announced during its 2019 Investor Day that it has acquired Vader Systems, a Getzville, New York-based metal Additive Manufacturing company. The company stated that this acquisition will enable it to offer its customers access to low-cost metal AM with more metals. Buffalo, New York based Vader, which was founded in 2013, developed the first commercial liquid metal 3D printer with its patented Magnet-o-Jet technology, which can be used in high-volume metal manufacturing. Its offerings include the Vader Polaris liquid metal AM system, the Magnet-o-Jet Subsystem for hybrid manufacturing equipment integration, and the Ares Microsphere Production System for the production of spherical metal powders. “Manufacturing customers want to use 3-D printing, but the current offerings only serve the prototyping market well, not broad manufacturing,” Xerox said in a statement announcing the acquisition. Xerox states: “Xerox is constantly looking for new ways to deliver more value to our customers. We are leveraging our experience and expertise in digital printing to polymer and metal 3D printing technologies and will introduce new equipment, materials, services and design tools to the market.”

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