Attracting more than US$277mn in funding from some of the most renowned automotive giants and leading metal powder producers in the world, the it has built strategic partnerships with Ford, BMW and more to accelerate its momentum in delivering scalable metal 3D printing technologies on a global scale. Successfully leading his team to design a new high-performance cell for Formula One, which has since been adopted by McLaren, Mercedes Benz and other high-profile motorsport giants, he now leads the technology roadmap behind Desktop Metal’s metal 3D printing systems, creating reliable products for customers and identifying opportunities to expand its manufacturing capabilities through additive manufacturing. “At Desktop Metal, we are committed to making metal 3D printing both accessible and successful for designers, engineers and manufacturing teams. In addition to hardware, we believe design for additive manufacturing software tools and techniques are critical to the successful fabrication of strong, lightweight parts that perform,” he says. Fully designing its systems around metal injection moulding and its powder supply chain, Desktop Metal has sought to utilise metal powders from the MIM industry, where it has gained access to a wide range of materials, from steels and copper to superalloys and titanium. “The three-part system fully automates metal 3D printing and is tightly integrated with Fabricate software to deliver a seamless workflow for printing complex metal parts in-house – from digital file to sintered part,” explains Myerberg. On top of this, arriving in 2019, Desktop Metal’s Production System will become the first metal 3D printing system for mass production, delivering speed, quality and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing processes. “The continued support of our investors underscores the power of our metal 3D printing solutions to help engineers and manufacturers, for the first time, apply metal 3D printing for the entire product development lifecycle – from prototyping to mass producing complex, high performance metal parts in a cost-effective way. Ultimately what we are most excited about is continuing to get our products into the hands of customers across the globe,” notes Myerberg.

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