A new project from IKEA Israel challenges that. ThisAbles is a new range of free-to download, 3D printable furniture upgrades for people with disabilities. The project is led by IKEA Israel in collaboration with non-profit organization Milbat that provides custom technology for people with disabilities, and Access Israel, a fellow non-profit and national advocate for accessibility and inclusion. ThisAbles models are available to download anywhere in the the world and therefore are 3D printable anywhere too. Bypassing some of the need for translation, IKEA Israel have also posted a series of clips on YouTube demonstrating how to apply the furniture upgrades. “The spirit of IKEA’s global vision is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible, and this is true for people with disabilities who make up about 10% of the world’s population. We realized that we must act in order that these people will also be able to enjoy the quality of life provided by IKEA products []”. Globally, IKEA is one of the largest consumer products companies looking to 3D printing for innovation. Featured image shows some of the accessibility-improving furniture upgrades in the ThisAbles range.

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