3D printing is one of the rapidly growing industries are plastic is the most common 3D printing material used worldwide. Out of various types of plastics, one of the most common 3D printing plastic is PLA, which is cost-effective, degradable and easy to 3D print, followed by ABS. These materials are highly used based on their strength and durability. Initially, researchers found that plastics such as polypropylene, which is found in cottage cheese and yogurt containers, and polystyrene, which is present in plastic utensils, were not practical for 3D printing. Growing production of application specific grades of 3D printed plastics, government initiatives with respect to supporting adoption of 3D printing technologies, and increasing demand of 3D printed plastics by the industries focused on mass production of various products. The 3D printing plastics market is segmented on the type, form, end user and geography. The companies operating in 3D printing plastics market are adopting various organic and inorganic strategies to enhance their presence in the market. Companies such as Stratasys, Arkema, BASF and HP focused on product launches, mergers and acquisitions and collaborations to gain significant market share in the global 3D printing plastics market.

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