In this series, we will outline what we should know about this industry as well as its connection to 3D printing. It is also important to understand how this technology is leading toward a movement called Industry 4.0, and we will talk about what that means and how it is being leveraged in the automotive industry. It is easier to make aftermarket parts with 3D printing technology, and we will understand why it is the gateway to larger projects within the automotive industry. So we will look into the material chemistry of mostly alloys and plastics that are common within the automotive industry. The F1 driving series also is very high tech in terms of how they are attempting to leverage rapid prototyping and 3D printing for cars. With this series we hope to inform people on what the industry as a whole is doing in terms of development and 3D printing. 3DPRINT.COM HIGHLIGHTS & RESOURCES. Tagged with: 3d print automotive 3d printing additive manufacturing automotive.

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