For the past several years TCS has also been setting up 3D printing research and development centers to obtain 3D printing expertise. 3D printing being an additive to traditional MFG processes, TCS is actively supporting the planning, engineering design and modeling of early stage 3D printing adoption initiatives across the industry segments. In order for mass customization to become an integral part of the manufacturing process, companies will have to spend and invest in thousands of 3D printing machines and the technology to make multiple small batches of customized product. Companies should begin using 3D printing to build prototypes and figure out how they can create their own customized products by using 3D printing before they firm up their roll out plan. In order for 3D printing to be a large part of the manufacturing industry, the ability to print using alloys is crucial as many products used in the manufacturing industry are made with those materials and not plastics. Another exciting aspect of 3D print is the way it lays a foundation to achieve mass customization of manufacturing. Robust software systems are needed across the value chain to realize the mass customization through 3D printing.

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