UK-headquartered performance plastics developer Victrex has confirmed its intention to invest millions of Euros in Dutch 3D printer and software developer Bond 3D. Founded in 1993, Victrex’s mission is to develop new applications and commercialize PEEK and PAEK polymer products. With this substantial investment in Bond 3D, the company aims to expand its delivery in 3D printing. In 3D printing, the company provides PEEK-OPTIMA, made for medical applications, and VICTREX™ PAEK thermoplastic. Maximizing Z-strength is also one of the chief objectives of the company’s new partner Bond 3D. “With our dedicated focus on 3D printing technology for high-performance polymers, we were able to develop a technology to achieve the full strength of existing PAEK and PEEK polymers,” Says Gerald Holtvlüwer, CEO of Bond 3D. “This includes the strength in the Z-direction, which is the most difficult to achieve with high-performance polymers in general and PEEK in particular.” Founded in 2014, Bond 3D has developed a proprietary technology for 3D printing high performance polymers. In comparison with other high performance 3D printing methods, Bond 3D’s technology is reportedly capable of manufacturing parts that are “Virtually free” of microstrctural voids. With Victrex, Bond 3D will first focus on developing PAEK and PEEK polymer 3D printing capabilities for spine and semiconductor products, using the company’s commercially available PEEK-OPTIMA and VICTREX™ PAEK. Holtvlüwer comments, “We’re excited to partner with a world leader in PAEK polymer-based solutions. Victrex´s material know-how and their strong marketing and sales activities, are a perfect channel to market for us and a complement to our pioneering technology.”

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